Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Time Warp Tuesday-Puppy Faces

Zoe and Greta with the bartster in 1998
   Fifteen years ago next week these little doxies were born and came to live with us about five weeks later. Greta went "to the rainbow bridge" this spring. I hadn't heard of that concept until we received a card. What a beautiful thought.
   Zoe, our little red dog is still pretty spry, despite cataracts and arthritis. Today's retrospective carries with it some wistfulness mixed with gratitude for some really fun times with these two.

Here's a little story....we referred to our dogs as "the girls". Once when we were new to a community someone asked where our girls were at the moment, "Oh at home in their crates", we replied. The person looked aghast and it was then we learned that the lady assumed our girls were human.
Zoe and Greta playing fetch in their new Canadian backyard--2011

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