Thursday, 17 July 2014

Proudly Presenting....

    I feel a bit how I imagine Stephan Pastis(Pearls Before Swine) felt when the legendary Bill Watterson did "guest appearances" in his comics.
    I'm not sure our guest cartoonist expected anybody to find his work. Here's the amazing part... he puts together a very witty and 'tight narrative' in three panels of clean lines and flowing action.  Does this cartoonist labor away cloistered in contemplative solitude, assiduously hunched over a drawing table? Not today!
   In between games, crafts, science demos, and a snack during our church's Vacation Bible School he produces this gem and then off to the next activity! I just happened to find the toon sitting on a table. I read it and thought it was brilliant. Later, I learned the identity of the artist and Kevin(and his mom) graciously consented to letting it appear in today's blog. I have to say it--the guy draws well and shows a keen sense humor and comic timing doesn't he? Considering this cartoonist has a couple of years before junior high school, I say he could have a long career ahead of him.

"My cue to shoe" by guest cartoonist Kevin

 Not incidentally, he has been co-starring in a series of skits all week in which he is a co-anchor of a news show. He delivers the lines with aplomb and his knack for
 improv. is impressive.

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