Wednesday, 15 October 2014

After the month-long hiatus

Zoe and Greta---coupla years back
The last blog post was a month ago today. Interrupted internet service (nearly three weeks) and a "fried" hard drive were among the impediments to posting.

Last week our surviving doxie, Zoe joined Greta "at the Rainbow Bridge". We were sad to have to let go of our friend, yet we didn't want to prolong her suffering or pain. Zoe seemed spry for a sixteen year old dog, yet we saw signs of aging. In the last few weeks she seemed short of breath and it turns out she had a tumor growing near her heart and lungs.

Today's picture harks to days when both dogs were still playing fetch (or Zoe's variation, which more closely resembled keep away). At the time of this picture, the games were shorter than they were when these two were puppies, but they still loved to play!

As I begin to get back to blogging, I am thinking of some format changes. Preparing daily drawings (that can be posted) proves to be quite a task. Amazing that Gary Larson and Bill Watterson could churn our sheer genius every day for years! My sights are set at 'mildly amusing' once in a while....hmmmm a working title?


Mom Belle said...

I thank God for all the love those two 'girls' gave all of us through those 15/16 years. What a blessing they were!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Just wonderful dogs, I am sure you miss them terribly.

Leah B said...

Hey, sorry to hear you had to say goodbye to Zoe. Cute picture of the two of them.