Sunday, 19 May 2013

Earlier in the week my friend Julie sent me a note saying as she was singing the lyrics of a hymn, a cartoon "challenge" popped into her mind." How cool is that?", I think to myself. Knowing Julie is creative and has a delightful sense of humor, I decided to come up with something. The lyric was about "the holy apostolic band on Mount of Olives take their stand"....we're all thinking rock and roll band, right?

Holy Apostolic Band on their Mount of Olives Tour

You might notice a few "references" in this toon---that was part of the fun for me in putting it together. Thanks Julie for this great idea. Now I can get all swell headed and tell people I have writers!
For those celebrating the Festival of Weeks and Pentecost---happy day and may some life-enriching surprises at once confound and delight you.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

ZZ Top, Pete Townsend? :)