Friday, 3 May 2013 beans fit on a scanner

   To be sure I was supplied with enough coffee for the next few days....I darted over to the bulk foods place near the house and got beans. To be sure I would differentiate between caffeinated* and decaffeinated coffee I judiciously applied the appropriate labels.
   When I got home I added the illustrations. These plain white bags are great fun to draw on. How much trouble would I be in if I took my marker back to the bulk foods place and started drawing on the bags before the customers got to them?
   Actually I have another idea...YOU could draw on YOUR plainwrapped packages and bags. Hey, if you can draw triangles the "c" shape and a couple of straight lines, you're in business. True confession: That's about all I do...placement is where the fun comes in. G'head...I dare you...draw your own cartoons on papers other than legal contracts and such.

**Spell check (cheque?) didn't care for my spelling of "caffeine". So: "i before e except after c and the word 'caffeine' and probably some other words too". Yeah, and kids say they don't enjoy grammar and spelling. I wonder why.....

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

it is funny, I doodle on boxes I ship and people will say "I loved the drawings on the box!" and never mention the awesome pots inside.. I have also gotten into the habit at fairs of doodling on paper grocery store bags with also my website for customer purchases...goodness, costs me NOTHING, but so much attn! I was just thinking as I looked at the sketch book this am that I do not draw as much as Zi would like, so thanks for inspiration!