Monday, 20 January 2014

Got Cabin Fever Yet?

I said "It's time to hybernate." They heard, "It's time to HYPERnate!"

Around here, the weather's been cold, so school age children have stayed indoors during recess; some in their classroom. Being cooped up in offices, classrooms and homes gets to a person after a while. The snowmobile riders seem to get out in any weather except blizzards, so maybe they are enjoying winter more than some of us. 

I think I might read up on how people in Scandinavian countries deal with long winters with little daylight. Maybe their home life is a bit like that depicted in today's toon.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH CANADA...I'll tell ya what they do in Scandanavia in winter--drink vodka and sit by the fire knitting fine and beautiful sweaters and mittens!