Thursday, 26 June 2014

TBT-Throwback Thursday

This might require a bit of explanation and some back story. Ten years ago I finished a year's clinical residency to prepare for work in spiritual care in a hospital setting. 
   Part of our training consisted of presenting a case study in which we would recount "verbatim" a conversation we had in which we believed there was much to be learned about ourselves and how we relate to people. We would reconstruct the conversation as best we could and would alter some details so ensure the privacy of the person/patient with whom we were conversing. 
   So...sometimes young summer students would be part of our cadre of caregivers learning as they go. Some of them spoke the vernacular of...well....youth! Heading into middle age, I experienced the speech patterns as equal parts amusing and annoying.

circa 2004

Huh...I think I went the long way around to explain this toon. Hope it isn't TOO arcane or esoteric!