Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spring in the making?

The screamin' storm
Friends in the maritime provinces have been whalloped by winter storms and record snow fall. Our winter has been moderate. Today? Blowing snow and some power outs and school closures. Many of us mutter "winter can't last forever, can it?".

Greta and Zoe 1998
I'm thinking of our 'special friends' who are now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Two years ago today Greta (the black and tan doxie) died. Zoe lived another year and a half. Both dogs lived a long life and certainly gave us much joy. We still miss them.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Late winter, early spring: so hard to deal with bad weather now, not much patience left!

Mom Belle said...

Yep, I miss them also -- "Grandma" needs some new 'babies' :o( !!!!

Mom Belle