Tuesday, 10 March 2015

There are other ways to 'draw'

"Sin boldly and imbibe more boldly still" Not Luther

Friends treated us to a trip to a brewery in Moorhead, Minnesota next to a business called "Old Lutheran". The brew meisters at Junkyard Brewery created a winsome tie-in with their neighbors by crafting Abbey Ale and appropriating Martin Luther's mug with one of his oft quoted adages. The exit leads to the parking spaces just in front of "Old Lutheran".

Imbiber that I am, I quaffed an entire HALF PINT of a robust dark ale with a body that reminded me a little of Guinness but with containing a multi-layered blend of hops.  Our beverage experience capped a night that included a dinner and viewing an assortment of two minute films at the Fargo Film Festival.

Such a fun filled social docket precluded my picking up a pen and drawing. I happily post this memento of our dose of culture and evening with longtime and dear friends.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Sure, draw and draft work for beer or pencils!