Saturday, 2 March 2013

Facing Quandries

How should I know???
 "Are you unconsciously incompetent?" read the article's headline and lead sentence. If I'm unconscious, how do I know? Cut me a break! Some scientificky person has developed a model in which we move from clueless to "adept".  Part of the model (like a first phase) includes unconscious incompetence. We don't know how in over our heads we truly are. I think we have at least a dim awareness, don't we?
   Well, I'm sure I'm unconscious even during 'waking hours'. Yeah, there are areas in which I am less than proficient, shall we say.  I know that. I also accept that there is a lot about me I don't know---a bit scary that the rest of the world probably does. This whole "you don't know what you don't know" koan sounds vaguely Rumsfeldian and creeps me out. So now I have THIS to worry about.