Friday, 1 March 2013

Making Fashionable Faces

Fashion and Make-up tip:
Over-applying concealer WON'T
get you noticed.
 After reading about all the fashionable dos and don'ts gleaned from glancing at a couple of  articles about the stars and starlets lurking around from the Academy Awards ceremonies, I feel compelled to offer some of my own advice....
   Well actually, you might not find it helpful considering I gave up my mullet hairstyle about ten years after everyone else did...that and I miss the wardrobe where you match the little animal on the slacks with the little animal on the shirt and you get an outfit you might wear in public without having people laugh out loud (out loud being the operative phrase today) when you walk by. Wow and I thought I didn't know fashion!
 Anyway--- the idea for this toon came from hearing or seeing the word "concealer" and I don't even remember where or when.  I heard the word, and in my unique way of "free disassociating", came up with this little "fashion tip".
As you step out this weekend, remember to accessorize your look (and you all look mahvelous) with a smile.


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Mom Belle said...

I agree with that one -- remember the song "Let a smile be your umbrella"? :o)