Thursday, 7 March 2013

Going Faces

I feel a sense of finality when I finish a sketchbook. Evidently I don't like "final" because I find myself going back into the earlier pages and putting more faces onto pages where ever there's room. Maybe I'm being frugal. Maybe I'm averse to "the end". Maybe starting a new book induces pressure to make an auspicious beginning. Maybe I should shut up and draw.
The Last Page of a "traveling" sketchbook


Gary's third pottery blog said...

WOW bartster, WOW

asmac said...

Yep, shut up and draw draw draw. I see these fabulous characters of your growing into a whole little world unto themselves...each with their own unique back stories, interacting in serious/comical ways. More please!

bartster said...

thanks for the encouragement--i wonder if "shut up and draw" could become a mantra? Part of my current wondering is something you speak to; what are all these little faces that fill the sketch book want to do next?