Monday, 1 April 2013

Making Marks

Sometimes when I see  graffiti sprayed onto the rail cars of passing trains, I find myself drawn to the shapes, colors, textures and flow of the work. I find some of it beautiful even if I'm oblivious to the artist's-- or the "patron's" agenda. Some of the other tags are just harsh marks perhaps meant to slash and shock.

The idea of the artist's intent intrigues me, evidently: Can one enjoy form, value, color and the rest without connecting with the artist's agenda or intent?
We'll steal you some more of that muse stuff, now just keep tagging!
The character of the tagger lost something from pencil to if I were "publishing" I'd be in "do over" mode. I was playing with water color pencils and blending pens my wife has for card making and other art projects. Fun for cartooning, I'd say.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

GREAT COLOR! a) I saw these dudes downtown today, really! The pants hanging down the ass indeed.... and b) I also noticed some new city sponsored graffiti or artwork--the former public library which just is used for storage has lovely leaves painted all along a wal, maybe 8 feet high by 20 feet...and utility boxes are artist painted etc: I love a community that embraces good public art and turns young criminal graffiti artists into employees! Give them a project to work on, great idea, hmm?