Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More fun than crayons

I have "appropriated" my dear spouse's water color pencils and a water brush---a gizmo that has a brush at the end of a hollow tube containing water (not related to a thurible...see yesterday's post). The idea is that the water spreads the color and you can dilute it into some fine washes or use bolder color. I tried making rough outlines or basic shapes with the color, then washed them out. After that I drew in the detail with some Prisma Ink permanent/archival markers. 
I'm sure many artists and cartoonists have used these implements "forever". For me the experience is like getting a new toy and I'm having fun trying out combinations of ink and paint. I'm inspired to check out some childrens books with these illustration techniques.

Ink over water color...or colour for our European and Canadian friends

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homecraft said...

That bear looks totally happy!