Friday, 12 April 2013

The Prestige

Years ago we saw a movie with the title of today's post. The explanation of a magician's stunts is called the prestige. I lay no claim to being a magician. I'm just a guy who likes to doodle.
Today,  I'd like to share a bit from a wonderful cartoonist and writer whose work has given me some ideas to play with. Robin Hall wrote a delightful book in 1995 called The Cartoonist's Workbook. I use many of his techniques as I doodle and make little "bartoons".
Mr. Hall  sketches and defines some eight steps to draw a character---my illustrations reflect some of those steps in roughly the same order, with some of the steps combined.(following exact sequences has always been a problem for me and likely explains many of my struggles in school). Anyhow...With many thanks to Robin Hall, whom I have yet to meet, I offer this little "demo" ...
Imagine an old fashioned keyhole
Add a nose and point it in the direction you want "Keyhole Ken" to  go
Add the mouth and a bit of hair and some eyebrows
Add "L" shaped arms--I tossed in a 'stache too
Three "leg lines"
Hands and feet--Hall ends the "demo" at this stage
Some details in the clothing....a little line near the feet to "ground the character" and some shadow for depth. Ta dah!
Lest you think that Mr. Hall offers only a "gimmick" or a quickie technique....he takes us through the many ways to add expression, motion, detail and even scenes to bring "key hole Ken" and all his relatives and animal friends to life.  Below is a sampling.....
Motion, expression, clothing detail....scenes....all starting from Mr. Hall's "keyhole"

And there you have it.... a bit of practice, all of which is fun, fun, fun, and you've got some doodling and maybe cartoons to put in your sketchbook and your blog. Let me know how it goes. If you find a copy of Mr. Hall's book, add it to your library. Nope, no commission for me.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

DANG you make it look so GOOD and so EASY!

bartster said...

Thanks is quite something how easy it is to build on the basic shapes...."Just playing" is how it feels to me.