Monday, 18 February 2013

Face Value

Dr. Sheldon Cooper has opinions about Canada's new currency policy
There are two interpretive keys to this doodle: First, Canada's new currency policy includes removing all pennies from circulation. The second key lies in a running gag from the TV show "The Big Bang Theory".

The whole idea for this toon came as I walked by the local credit union and read their clever sign, "Hasta la vista, Penny". The idea for Sheldon popped into my head immediately. I had fun doing that caricature and working out a few of the details. All in all, I'm happy with this one.

The best commentary on the penny came from Stephen Colbert who expressed alarm over Canada no longer using the penny. What is the US follows suit? Among other things, Colbert worries that now we'll say "a nickel for your thoughts....that means a five hundred percent increase in price for the same amount of thinking!".

I guess the 99 cent special will be a buck now....

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Mom Belle said...

Hmmm, what will they do with all the people who collect pennies? Will they allow them to cash them in for 'legal tender' before they do away with the penny? So many pros and cons concerning this matter.