Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nebbish Face

This started with me drawing around the base of one of my favorite coffee mugs ( It has a beagle on the handle and my friend Gary Rith made it....check out his blog and his awesome work). This guy in the doodle just sort of emerged from the semi circle. For some reason I've always liked drawing these kinda dumpy little guys...kind of weather worn. Even in junior high I liked creating the nebbish types even when other cartoonist friends were drawing super heroes or souped up cars.
    This guy just seems likable to me--I think maybe some would say he's a "mensch"...a good thing. I've decided that if I were to do lots of full scale cartooning I would want to practice with objects and backgrounds. I notice Gary Trudeau's detail and drawing is very clear and precise and his characters are more "loose" in the drawing.

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