Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Puppy Faces

The "dawgs" and me in 1998
     Greta and Zoe are 14 now. They seem to be in pretty good health and like the rest of us, age catches up. It's amazing how small these two were when they came to live with us. We got them at shy of six weeks and took them to the vet for their "well baby check up". Dr. Mickey told us these two needed to have stayed with their mom a few more weeks and that we'd need to work on socializing them to people and other animals. The people part was easy. To this day these two aren't exactly sociable (more like skittish) around other dogs. These two have personality plus and we've often said they are so entertaining, "who needs cable TV?"


homecraft said...

They are such sweet girls! What a great picture! I can hardly believe they will be 15 this summer!


Mom Belle said...

I agree!! My Grand-Pups are GREAT "Li'l Shits"!!!!! :o)

Gary's third pottery blog said...