Friday, 8 February 2013

Facing the bracing...cold

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: MANITOBA-Riding in cars without heated seats!
   Our intrepid hero, Sean, kindly offers to ride in the back seat when we're carpooling. It's a chilly day, but not insane cold as it has been, but still cold. And those seats in the back of the car--YEEESH!
   Sean says he'd like to "star" in one of my postings, and I'm enjoying the challenge of building a little story around our adventure. It's actually quite the ego fluffer to have someone say they'd like to be associated with this blog.
  Look below and right of the colored version, you'll see what I thought was the final draft. I worked to get the surroundings right, but the character seemed to fall flat. In the colorized version, I like the character a bit more and would like to do more with the setting. In a way, the cold seat is a character too.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

probably smart to travel with a big wooly blanket! Maybe even a St Bernard with a flask of brandy on his neck!

Leah B said...

Funny, I looked much like your character in my own car yesterday because of another northern winter hazard - frozen locks. (Fortunately I have a hatchback.) :-)