Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cheaper by the page?

You might remember comments about how I like to fill a page with drawings and to leave very little white space. Here's an example of a page I doodled a day or so ago.

   You'll notice some lettering and word doodles as well. My brain slips into neutral pretty easily and so as I was "planning" a recent cartoon I let some of that sort of doodling emerge too. Sometimes that sort of rambling gives the finished toons some added whimsy. Much of the drawing and lettering on this page was done with my "non dominant hand". I usually draw with the right hand. 
   Totally unrelated but very wonderful: Last night the sky was so clear it looked like you could reach out and touch the stars overhead. Then....streaks of light from the northern lights! Living up here, we do get treated to light shows now and again and that's truly "awesome".

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