Thursday, 22 August 2013

TIDAC part two *(Things I did at camp)

My clever wife made the collage for today's post.

The clever premise of 'art-chery' as done by Luther Village in Ontario goes like this: Wad up old paper and fasten it to an arrow. Dip said arrow into tempera paint and shoot at a large piece of paper (the target). When an arrow hits the target, splat goes the paint onto the paper and voila! Art-chery!
During an earlier session, another archer watched me and suggested a little experiment that eventuated in my shooting left handed. I hit the target a lot more often then. His theory was that my left eye was probably "dominant" (the field test suggested that it was) and that I might have better luck "shooting left handed".
   Notice that I had a nap (or two) in the afternoons as well---after all that art-chery, hiking, and also session-leading and such.

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Mom Belle said...

I LOVE the nap one -- I know, you were just accommodating the very tired 'puppy'! :o)