Friday, 16 August 2013

My perspective is off

Every third headline in local and national press around here is about the "housing boom" and the housing bubble. Yippee progress and "Yes, little bartster, there will be affordable housing", say the pundits. Today's local paper: Federal subsidies for low cost housing in Winnipeg have gone away. The non profits that have been making up(for years) for the loss of federal subsidies just can't keep up.  Now, thousands of low income people can expect their rents to sharply increase.
 So who picks up the tab?  But there's this "housing boom" so life's just peachy....I'm really confused and inexplicably troubled and annoyed.
So you're 'foreclosing' on me so you can provide 'affordable housing'?

I see the perspective in this drawing is out of whack. Likewise, perhaps if my perspective on life were more grounded I could reconcile the 'housing boom' with news that people who can barely afford rent this month will pay MUCH more next month. 

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