Thursday, 8 August 2013

T.I.D.A.C. part one

Recently I went to our denomination's church camp as a resource leader for family camp. Fun week of being part of a community on the lakeshore and doing much of what I do in a given week; but at a more relaxed pace and without the phones and office stuff. Afternoons were free and I used them in a variety of ways including what has become material for this feature. "Things I Did At Camp".

Lions made from air dry clay and pine cones
These guys were fun to make and fairly easy; the pine cone lion was a craft designed for simplicity and fun for people of all ages. I added some of my own take on the project. I went for fun and wonky details in the face and could have spent hours and days just tweaking them. As it was, we had other fun things to do and yes, a bit of work too. Once the pieces were assembled, it was time to paint. The craft leader showed us a big tub filled with bottles of acrylic paint, and my little heart leapt with glee at all the possibilities.
Later.....We  found that the figures popped apart because the 'hot clue' didn't hold and this air dry clay tends to become crumbly. For now, here are two versions of "Luther", the lavender lion.


homecraft said...

The one on the left has the most adorable face! The one on the right looks the most ferocious...grrrrr!


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