Tuesday, 6 August 2013

This Just In

   A group of us were talking about being inundated with incredible amounts of disturbing news and feeling helpless in the face of all that's going on around us. Vexed as we are, we kvetch, dismiss our actions as futile in the face of such cussedness and then log in (or fire up the tee vee) in search of the next outrageous headline.
    One of my comedy writers* talked about how we post and share onto social media platforms all of the articles that irk us--. sometimes the flow of "passed along outrage" is nearly as constant as the news chatter from your favorite(?) news outlets!
Gimme a break! I'm only capable of so much outrage at a time!
* (Sorry Jason, given our budget, you'll be receiving your customary monetary compensation of nada....thanks for the humor, though!)

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