Saturday, 15 June 2013

Eye Training

The idea of learning to see in different ways has come at me in every domain of my life--pottery, drawing, the work of "being"....A guy might think there's a lesson to be learned, eh?
This week I sat in a courtyard soaking up sun and relishing the sight of a chair that held a basket with some greenery in it.

Something about the scene drew(sorry) me in. I had to sketch and try to capture something of the gestural quality of the chair. I didn't pull it off, but I saw some incipient signs of progress. The real pay off was in sitting quietly and really noticing light, shadow, angle posture...all of it. There's the lesson that probably more alert, mindful and soulful people would pick up on. I hope to catch up:)

Here's the bit I did--

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