Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday's Musing

Those were the days, my boy~even the NOSTALGIA was better back then!

The clever writing comes from my colleague, Jason. His kind permission to illustrate his witty comment reminds me of how often I hear and overhear people saying such humorous things. Jason's wit was intentional and instructive. On other occasions, I hear people say things they mean to be serious, but with a little twist here or there...the humor is simply unavoidable.

I enjoyed the coloring of this toon with the fancy water color pencils and the water pencil that diffuses the color. It would be fun to do some reading or take some instruction in coloring. For now, I like drawing and coloring outside the lines (much to the ire and consternation of my grade school teachers) and think I'll keep on with it.

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