Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Time Warp Tuesday~set the way back machine for 2007

Admittedly we're not going really far back today. This quick sketch for a three panel was done in a sketchbook labelled 2006-2007.

I can see a number of things I'd do differently, if I drew this sketch today. Maybe that might mean I'm learning. Even now there's lots to learn about setting scenes and balancing the character and the scene she inhabits. 
Thinking about my 'career'---The last drawing class was part of a semester long course when I was in the eighth grade. I don't remember that going well, but maybe having a few years to practice and reflect I might benefit by taking a drawing class or workshop. 
One of these days I might try redrawing something from a few years back and compare two drawings "side by side". Stay tuned....

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