Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Time Warp Tuesday

This might seem a lot like "re-run season" on TV--do they still do that? We've kept a few sketch books from over the years and somewhere there's one from when I was in junior high (a while back). Today's (ahem) retrospective is about ten years old. You'll notice some revising of wording in the talk bubble.

No question this panel is dated. Do they even do mosh pits and slam dancing anymore?  One thing does seem unchanged--we sometimes get cheesy in trying to be relevant.

Pastor we REALLY tried to support your new "Mosh Liturgy" but....

 You might notice from yesterday's toon, done....yesterday that I'm still working on that whole foreground/background balance. It's fun to see the changes in style and to notice that I'm learning as I go.   Bottom line...I have fun and keep doodling.

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