Friday, 7 June 2013

Some material objectionable to techies

Yesterday I showed you some rough sketches that became a doodle. Today's came without benefit of a rough sketch. Simply, I up and drew it. That's it.


   Two sightings in our little town in two days. I walked along a sidewalk and two school children from the grade school approached. One appeared to be aware of her surroundings. The other was zombified and had no inkling someone was approaching. I took to the neighbor's lawn to avoid being run down. The zombina was so engrossed in her i what ever she ignored her friend and expected the world to move around her.
  The second sighting happened as my dear one and our dog were strolling and were nearly mowed down by a car evidently piloted by a zombie connected to her i-doo-hickie--perhaps awaiting instructions from the mother ship. DOH! sorry I'm mixing my horror movies.

So as you can see....sometime cartoons come from a place other than gentle whimsy; like grumpitude. But hey, a doodle is a doodle, right?


Mom Belle said...

I'm delivering a message --- Romie said "Well tell him to move back to the states where it's safe." Yeah, right (my answer) :o)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, every time I walk the dog I have to jump out of the way of the 2 ton steel i-boxes swerving around with texters at the wheel...helluva drawing, though :)