Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Tree Faces

   These faces are done with polymer clay. A few years ago my supportive and creative wife suggested I try making faces with this sort of clay during a time when my back was "out" and I couldn't make pottery on the wheel. Working out the detail was fun as I learned by trial and error. I started making ornaments for our Christmas tree and we still use some of them.

     I enjoyed making batches of these little guys and was truly flattered when a co-worker hung one of these guys from her review mirror in her car. I used a good bit of blue and orange as a nod to the college football team while we lived in Boise Idaho.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh Bartster, WOW, you sure do know how to sculpt, it puts me to shame!

bartster said...

Thanks,gr, but remember I've seen your sculpting and it's most awesome. How you incorporate drawing and sculpting into pottery is most inventive! Thanks for the kind words!