Thursday, 20 December 2012

Those sixties faces

Taking a break from doodling to share a laugh with my charming younger brother.  Lots of stripes going on here and I console myself that at least they are all horizontal. Sometimes I think I'd like to get a hat like the one in the picture....maybe a fedora this time....
   About the time my brother and I posed for this picture, I was in my "rendering" phase. You probably know the one....A marker, a magazine with lots of pictures....What fun to blacken in teeth on glamorous people and to add moustaches to the lady fashion models. About the same time we'd get coloring books, which were fun. Even then I took to doodling in the margins and drawing my own little faces on those coloring book pages.
   Have you seen the news feature about the artist who distorts the facial features of actual live models by applying cellophane tape onto folded skin?  I wonder if parental warnings about "your face will stay like that" apply. Talk about making faces!


homecraft said...

Two very happy looking boys..stripes and all!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

when we wore stripes when I was a kid my parents joked about us being prisoners!