Friday, 21 December 2012

Zilla Faces the End

Godzilla's first day on the movie set
   This larger than life cultural icon even crowds parts of my blog page. To see some truly artful and wonderful Godzilla sculptures and drawings check out my friend's pottery at Gary's third pottery blog.
His post today reminded me of a cartoon I had drawn a while back...This drawing is a hasty reconstruction.
    Now for an end of the world story. I heard this from a man who was in his eighties and he remembered the doomsday predictions that coincided with a pending solar eclipse. The gent remembered children in his grade school class weeping and trying to hide. Alec reasoned that if there was enough sunlight for him to play marbles at recess he didn't really care what else the day brought.  I file that story under the category of "resilience".
     I'm enjoying all the jokes and posts about how we dodged the end of the world. My hunch is that present day Mayans must think we're pretty crass for taking a fragment of their tradition, misunderstanding it, then commercializing it, without bothering to learn more about their history and culture. There's still time....
Happy Friday to you.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

hahaha, well, your Godzilla is, like mine, wicked cute :)