Thursday, 13 December 2012

Goofy Face

     The professional cartoonist Jamie Smith (Ink and Snow) recently shared the process he uses for getting from a sketch to his final toons. He says he can go from basic lines to a full rendering in about an hour's time once he's got ideas and supplies at the ready. He uses a myriad of techniques and devices including a computer for final rendering--that's all way above my pay grade. Some day I might learn some of these tricks. For now....
     The bulk of what I do is rough sketching. I do it for my health. Sometimes the faces I make surprise even me and they make me laugh. This guy's one example. However....he does have some disturbing similarities to a photograph taken of me in my first years of high school.
    Your assignment: Provide a comment or dialogue line. What tickles this guy so?


Gary's third pottery blog said...

"hahaha, you want to start a hockey team in MIAMI???? Next you'll try Tampa or Atlanta or even Nashville!"

Mom Belle said...

I LOVE this guy! He made me laugh immediately! I think he's so happy because he just had homemade chocolate chip cookies and great coffee!! :o)