Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cartoonists Everywhere!

   A friend left me a packet with cartoons her daughter draws. Daughter lives on some acreage and has animals. Her sense of whimsy and humor really shine in her work. She has animals thinking all sorts of things and having some funny conversations. I like her spontaneous drawing style totally fits. I will get permission to post some of her work sometime soon. I haven't met Sharol, but knowing her family and seeing her work, I get a sense of her as a person.
   I was leafing through a biography of John Lennon that included some of his sketches and cartoons he drew for a school paper. That guy could draw and his humor was incisive even as a youth.
   I think we all have "a cartoon in us".  We all love stories whether we hear them, tell them, or as some of us are wont to do, doodle them.
   For illustrative purposes (groan) I offer this little guy.


 I started by aiming a nose downward...added a few lines for a face and body...put a shiny object on the ground and now we have a seed for a story.
   So what's he up to? What will he do next?


Mom Belle said...

Well, I think that because he asked what was it, he'll bend down and pick it up. Then, again, he may be too lazy to pick it up, just wants someone else to tell him what it is.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmmmm......where IS this going....