Friday, 30 November 2012

Nudge. Nudge, Wink

   Many of my happier memories of school involve doodling and then nudging someone and passing them my drawing. I remember sitting in study hall during my first year of high school. A classmate of mine, a truly excellent artist, and I would sketch little faces and cartoons and pass them back and forth. We'd smile or laugh at each other's stuff and sometimes one of us would add or alter the other's work.
Quick sketches...Nudge Nudge--Hey, You're blocking the list of previous postings!
    Often my drawings are very quick and of the moment. In school I would hear a classmate or teacher say something clever. Out came the pen. Now, I'll sit in a meeting and same thing...somebody will say something interesting, and scritch scritch scritch, goes the old pencil.
  Seems like people have generally been kind, supportive and patient. In fact, a pastor where we were members encouraged me to bring a sketch pad to church and to doodle during the homily. Ever had an experience like that?

    In return for all that kindness, I hope I offer a bit of humor or lightness to someone's day. Seeing the smiles (or even the head shakes) allows me to see we've connected a bit. These days, I experience that sort of connection as important and satisfying.
    Maybe this blog is a form of nudging people and passing sketches and ideas back and forth. It's fun and a nice way to connect. Maybe you'll find yourself doodling on scratch paper...Nudge me and let me know what you're up to.

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homecraft said...

Wink. Wink..Your faces are so cute...they all make me smile when I see what they are up too!