Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day of Thanksgiving

   Moving from Canada to the U.S. means celebrating Thanksgiving earlier in the year. We thought we were escaping the "Black Friday" hype. Now we hear that stores in the U.S. are opening Thanksgiving Day. So, people earning minimum wage are called away from home and family to cater to the rest of us.
   Today I read a headline in the Canadian press asking whether Canada could have a "Black Friday" too. Some would like to grab those dollars before we take them south and spend them in the states. We're all OK with that are we?
   Now you know a bit why some of us draw cartoons.We can "get preachy" with a pencil. Lots of raw material to work with these days.
   Happy Thanksgiving to all; I guess we all could get away with being grateful for something today. Cheers-

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Grabitude!!!!! oh Bartster :) I will say this, as a studio owner, artist and retailer all rolled into one: people should ignore smallmart and shop with ME!