Monday, 12 November 2012

What do geese talk about?

The Long Trek South
All the geese flying south. What are they honking about? I thought I might have some idea.....So, did you notice a reference to a celebrity name in the cartoon? Write a comment including your guess. Meanwhile, will poor Father Goose need Gees-stalt therapy? I decided to spare you the other goose puns as there are so many "groan worthy" ones.  Happy Monday


Gary's third pottery blog said...

"I need to pee!!!!" "I think I am gonna be sick!!!! (RALPH)"

bartster said...

Your comment gives me an idea...we could have people provide/complete captions. I think your comments are funny and reflect many a family road trip, I am sure.

Cj from Boise said...

When you see a goose flying out of formation, did he get time out for his comments?