Friday, 23 November 2012

well, What Do you Know?

   Some people are thoughtful and speak their minds. Some are thoughtful and reticent. Some are bewildered and keep it to themselves. Then there's this guy....loquacious and clueless. Maybe we're "all of those" things. I received a note about yesterday's post that I had misspoken about my own story...We moved TO Canada FROM the U.S.-- I began working on this post yesterday, so how prescient that I would "know less than I let on" in bloggo world!
   This particular toon is more word driven and visual. The most excellent cartoonist Jamie Smith pens a blog called" Ink and Snow" in which he often gives us a glimpse behind the cartoons he creates.  I highly recommend it. He shares a link in which political cartoonists talk about their craft and they devote much care to the writing and concept. .The talks are very informative and fun to watch.. The event was called &^$(@ Cartoonists (I may have misspelled the expletives).
      This toon might get reworked with a different scene. The words got a laugh with a group of colleagues, so it might be worth illustrating.

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homecraft said...

I love how everyone is staring at him in what looks like amazement, at what he doesn't know! Great faces!