Friday, 16 November 2012

My First Critical Review: 1964

The early 1960's-I'm the one in the middle
I've been doodling since before this picture was taken. My brother (pictured on the right) is actually the artistic one. The brother on the left is a musician and very left brained. He used to try to coach me on "proportion" and "perspective". Yeah, he really talked like that!
      My first, last and only  juried show was an unqualified disaster. Mom was on the phone (one with a rotary dial and a cord of all things). She had moved a little dresser away from the wall to clean. While mom chatted on the phone, I with my marker commenced a study of compressed oval faces drawn on that cardboardy stuff on the back of dressers.
      I spent the rest of that day in my room. One must think carefully about "installations", I guess
     To this day, I have no compunction about cartooning on napkins, memos, in the sand,  or on to-go dinner containers.
     A possible encore: My friend Gary is encouraging me to try drawing on the pottery I make. Sounds like fun!

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