Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Doodling from Anywhere and Everywhere

It's Tropical Here in Fargo!
Who says you need fancy pens and paper to doodle? Those implements are fun, but not always at hand. However....When on the road if you have anything that makes marks,  virtually any surface will work... including a styrofoam cup.
    Doodling on a paper or styrofoam cup is a fun way to personalize a cup you'll be drinking from during a day's meetings. Please don't tell me you would drink only once from such a cup and toss it (I feel a bit guilty about using styrofoam anyway given it doesn't biodegrade).
   The banana guy is inspired by the fact that it IS warmer in Fargo than home. We're returning home to the snow and near zero temps (F) later.


homecraft said...

Doodled faces sure make continental hotel breakfasts much more entertaining!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

like we say down here: "you live NORTH of NORTH DAKOTA?"