Saturday, 19 January 2013

Face the PressI

I admit it--I 'Lanced' Armstrong

Poor news people---they have to appear suitably aghast every day at whatever story we're currently stirred up over.  Truthfully, I wonder what good it does me to follow current events (besides for cartoon ideas). I often wish I could do something to make things better or at least find ways not to make them any worse. Sadly suffering continues, film at eleven.  Sheesh there's a downer from somebody just going for a quick laugh.
I read some about another cyclist named Armstrong; Kristen. She lives in Boise and I remember stories about how much good she's done for the community and for the sport of cycling. On top of that she found ways to keep going after a medical diagnosis ended her triathalon career as she could no longer run at the competitive level she once did. I draw some hope from her story and think I'll tune out the stories about the "other" Armstrong.



Gary's third pottery blog said...

He wrote a book quite a few years ago something like 'its al about the bike' facing cancer and then biking etc, but I remember at the time being amazed at his great story AND his sweet wife and kids..... which he LEFT shortly after the book came out, etcetc... whatta DICK. Anyway, I like our NPR because it is quite neutral and minimizes the tabloid shrieking, you know?

Leah B said...

I get a kick out of the name of the news program in this comic. It's a program I would miss out on a lot because my mornings are generally "SunZup Snooz"!