Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Literary Society

 My friend Gary's blog features Time Warp Tuesday and I just love it! I thought I'd play along. My brothers and I were gifted a huge stack of comic books and you can see we loved them I suspect the kid on each end was trying to figure out how to do the drawings. The little one was in the picture for 'cute value', and his oldest brother seems to be enjoying the little one's antics more than those in the comic book.  Check out Gary's Third Pottery Blog to see his Time Warp Tuesday as well as some great pots and commentary

This is also part of Time Warp Tuesday. I drew this one a couple of years ago. I can see areas I change if I were drawing it today. I'd keep the warped humor (not temporally warped) though.


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Gary's third pottery blog said...

wait, which is you???? Awesooooome chickens :)