Friday, 25 January 2013

Facing Duplicity: That's my mote

The preacher's right, just shameful about all these sports practices going on and stores being open on the Sabbath. Confound it! Where is that waitress with our Sunday brunch special?

   Some of you know my professional title is "pastor". This blog is like my play ground so I try not to get preachy. Well, I'm trying to work out some things and the playground seems like an OK place to do that. No collection will be taken; so if you're willing, kindly read on....Otherwise, have a great Friday and see ya tomorrow.
     This week our readings are about Sabbath and how Jesus runs into trouble with the religious people for breaking the rules and--get this-- delivering somebody from their suffering.
   Here's my "deal". I love the idea that everyone needs a break and a way to rebalance and regain harmony with their lives and with those they love. Nice to remember that BEING is what we are and the doing can sometimes wait. But before I get all high and mighty here....
  There's ol' bartster who loves "breakfast out" any day and any time of day. Sundays are great breakfast out days too. But somebody has to get up early, open the restaurant, put on coffee, and start cracking the eggs so I can have my little treat. Then they get stuck with the dishes!  Say nothing about public safety workers, caregivers, and they EVER get a break?
   Maybe here's my point: So many make it possible for some of us to enjoy rest and restoration. I just hope those kind souls get their turn too. If that rest has been long deferred, what gift could I give to make the road easier for them? Tipping the server is probably only a beginning.  Please stand for the hymn.....

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

My friend Ben grew up in Toronto, 50 years ago a very upright and uptight place, not at all the international city it is now, very cosmopolitan. Back then the city park's swings were chained up on Sunday, because no play on the Sabbath, no way! Its funny, a Quaker might tell you that no one day is more sacred than another, we might also tell you that God is present at every moment and in our every action. Yes. Sunday, Tuesday, early, late, it is especially easy to feel God at your side, to feel prayerful, as you strive to do good work, whatever it may be, or to help somebody. (although when things are not so great you wonder what God has in mind...but anyway ;) Keep on rollin' and thinking barster :)