Thursday, 31 January 2013

Making Choices

Now What?
   In recent history, a U.S. President likened his being elected to the car-chasing dog that finally "caught one". Now what? While I operate an a different level entirely, I find myself wondering "now what" about my playground here.
    Should I publish daily? Weekly? Somewhere in between? What regular features could I include?  When this lark started, I simply wanted to put my drawing out there and see what might happen. Truth be told, my major goal was to find something that would push me to keep drawing and trying to do something "creative" every day. Another truth: that daily creativity isn't easy and I'm beginning to conclude that the "showing up" is as important as the final product. That's my take. I suspect that if readers decide "meh" and click on to something else, that might be because not every drawing and every post is worthy of the the New Yorker. Uh me.
   The liberating thought about these ponderings is that the blog remains my playground. This whole project is meant to be fun. For me. (I feel guilty for writing that). Granted I hope others enjoy some of what's here too. Maybe others can tell I'm having fun and they find enjoyment in that too.
    Once in a while I get a spammy comment about "increase your web traffic and make lotsa money". I politely delete said spam and Bwaaah haaa haaa all the way to the sketchbook.


Mom Belle said...

My 'take' is that as long as YOU are enjoying yourself and it gives YOU a smile then it is worth doing as long and as often as YOU like. This is what's important to those of us who love you (and like to see your drawings!).

homecraft said...

I so totally agree with the poster above! Keep making faces as long as the faces make you happy. They make us all happy